Children's Book Recommendations August

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Sometimes it’s hard to know what books to buy for children so I asked the team for some more book recommendations for younger readers. This month there seemed to be a running theme of books that we all loved as children or that our children have enjoyed. So we promise that these ones are fully kid tested!
First up for older ones, Caitlin chose The Earthsea Quartet, four books in one by renowned author Ursula Le Guin. Set in the unique fantasy world of Earthsea, which is made up of a series of islands, you follow Ged as he learns to become a powerful magician. The stories feature Ged over a number of years as he helps the people of Earthsea and battles the forces of evil. A great fantasy read for young adults and adults alike.
Paul and Edward both chose Cressida Cowell’s How to Train Your Dragon. We actually have the entire series on our bookshelves at home! These are lots of fun and have the uber cool advantage of featuring Viking’s and dragons. What more could you want?!
Penny suggested The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks. The story is about Omri, a 9 year old boy and his adventures with Little Bull - a 3 inch tall figurine of an Indian man who comes to life. Penny remembered that her children loved this book and that there are also a further four to read if your children love their adventures too.
Some of my favourite books as a child were The Chronicles of Narnia series by C S Lewis which starts with The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. With a magical wardrobe leading to another world, a majestic lion and a host of other fantastic creatures involved I was spellbound. It was an amazing place to escape to as a small child.
All of this month's recommendations are books that belong to a series so you can continue your reading journey with the same lovable characters. 
Happy reading!