Secondhand Folio Society

We have listed below secondhand Folio Society titles that we currently have available. This list is being continually updated but if there is a specific title you are looking for please do get in touch.

You can contact us at or 01539621233 for further information regarding condition and price of any that you are interested in.

A Century of Conflict 5 Volume Set Taylor
Almayers Folly Joseph Conrad
An Embassy to China Macartney
Arrow of Gold (The) Joseph Conrad
Barbarian Invasion III
Barbarian Invasion VII
Bible (The)
Black Sea Neal Ascherson
Blake Ackroyd
Brothers Karamazov (The) Dostoyevsky
Catriona Stevenson
Crime Stories from the Strand Beare
Deceivers (The) 2 Volume Set
Empires of Ancient Near East (Barbarians/Hittites/Egyptians/Persians)
English Civil War (The)
English Eccentrics Sitwell
English Journey Priestley
Fables of Aesop Wordsworth
Father and Son Gosse
Five Days in London, May 1940 Lukacs
Folio 60: A Bibliography 1947 - 2006
Folio Book of Days
Golden Bowl James
Great Fire of London (The)
Great Plague (The)
Hans Andersens Fairy Tales
Hardy 6 Volume Set Hardy
History of England from the Ascension of James II Vol I and II Thomas Babington Macaulay
History of the Crusades 3 Volume Set Runciman
History of the English Church and People Bede
Huckleberry Finn Twain
Icelandic Sagas 2 Volumes
If this is a Man Levi
Illustrated Journey Round the World Daniell
In Memoriam Tennyson
John Donne (The Folio Poets)
Jubilee Years 1887 - 1897 (The)
Justine Durrell
Kipling (The Folio Poets)
Letters to Vicky
Live and Let Die Fleming
Loved One
Magic Mountain (The) Mann
Making of the English Landscape Hoskins
Mapping the World
Mark Twain 3 Volume Set Twain
Mary Barton Gaskell
Mauritius Command Patrick O Brian
Mayor of Casterbridge Hardy
Memoirs of a Fox Hunting Man Sassoon
Monk (The) Lewis
Monks of War (The)
Once & Future King (The) T. H. White
One Hundred Years Solitude Marquez
Oscar and Lucinda Carey
Pagans and Christians 3 Volume Set Lane Fox
Patronius Satyricon
Pickwick Papers Charles Dickens
Poems of Love Donne
Possession Byatt
Pre-Raphaelites and their world
Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen
Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (The) Spark
Princes in the Tower (The) Weir
Qu'ran (The)
Raphael Of Gods and Men
Reflections on the Revolutions in France
Renaissance Studies in Art and Poetry (The) Pater
Riddle of the Sands Childers
Rise and Fall of Third Reich 2 Volume Set Shirer
Rob Roy Scott
Roxanna Defoe
Rumpole Mortimer
S. O. E. Special Operations Executive M R D Foot
Secret Sharer (The) Joseph Conrad
Selected Poems and Prose Gerard Manley Hopkins
Sherlock Holmes Complete Novels 5 Volumes Conan Doyle
Sherston's Progress Sassoon
Shooting Party Chekov
Short Stories Saki
Singing Sands Tey
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Armitage
Spanish Inquisition (The)
Story of My Life Sands
Sylvia's Lovers Gaskell
Tolkien 3 Volume Set (Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers, Return of the King) Tolkien
Tom Jones Fielding
Trial of the Templars Barber
Troilus and Criseyde
Truce (The) Levi
Trumpet Major (The) Hardy
Tudor Venturers Hakluyt
Two Heroines of Plumplington and other stories (The)
Unbearable Bassington Saki
War and Peace Tolstoy
What are the seven Wonders of the World
William McGonagall (Poetic Gems)