Easy Indian Vegetarian, Chetna Makan

Easy Indian Vegetarian, Chetna Makan

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New Hardback

Celebrating the incredible vegetarian food that India has to offer, Easy Indian Vegetarian delivers fresh, authentic Indian food for every day. You will find recipes for every occasion, with everyday ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions to help take the fuss out of dinner time.


Snacks: including Tomato chaat; Mango slaw; Chilli pakora

Veg: including Yogurt onion curry; Papad courgette kadhi; Rainbow chard & pea sabzi

Dal: including Black dal; Chana dal; Chickpea yogurt curry

Flatbreads: including Onion paratha; Rice dosa; Masala puri

Rice: including Vegetable & chickpea biryani; Green ginger pulao; Yogurt rice

Sides: including Sugar snap peas raita; Roast cauliflower raita; Coriander ginger chutney

Sweet: including Balushahi; Jaggery treat; Coconut barfi

Whether you want an easy weeknight supper or a showstopping Indian feast for friends and family, with 10 suggested menu plans and a whole host of inspiring dishes to try, it has never been easier to discover the world of vegetarian flavour that will delight veggies and meat eaters alike.