Mrs Sidhu's Dead and Scone, Suk Pannu

Mrs Sidhu's Dead and Scone, Suk Pannu

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New Paperback

The debut cosy culinary crime thriller from Suk Pannu, creator of BBC Radio 4’s Mrs Sidhu Investigates and writer for Goodness, Gracious, Me and The Kumars at No. 42 

The perfect village.

Mrs Sidhu, caterer and amateur sleuth, is delighted when she is offered a position as chef in a quiet corner of Berkshire. It’s a far cry from her cramped kitchen, where she was used to making an endless parade of aubergine bhajis!

The perfect fete.

In no time, Mrs Sidhu starts throwing herself into local events like the summer fete. But amongst the bunting, cakes and funfair games, a killer is lurking.

The perfect crime.

Mrs Sidhu soon discovers the unthinkable. A murderer is picking victims through the fairground raffle.

Who is next on their list? And can Mrs Sidhu stop them in time?