We Buy Books

Please do not bring books to the shop but do telephone or email us for an appointment

We need a steady supply of secondhand and antiquarian books to keep our shelves fully stocked. We are interested in any quantity from single volumes to entire libraries.

There is not a market for all secondhand books, so we can only buy those we are able to sell.

We are interested in modern books as well as older and antiquarian books. This includes fiction, non-fiction and children's books. We do not take encyclopaedia's, or anything published by Reader's Digest or Book Club. 

If you have a small number of books you can bring them to the shop. Please do contact us first to arrange an appointment. 

For larger collections of books we are happy to travel to view and buy. Please contact us by telephone or email.

How does it work?

When you bring books to the shop, please ensure that they are clean and dry and in clean bags or boxes. 

We will need to take some time to look through the books, the amount of time will depend on how many books you have. Please allow at least half an hour to an hour for your visit as a rule. Alternatively, it may be possible to leave the books for us to look at and we can contact you when we have finished. 

If there are a large amount of books, it is possible to park for a short time at the front of the shop to unload. You will then need to move your car to the car park at the rear of the shop. 

There may be some books that we are unable to take, either because of their condition or because we do not feel that there is a market for them, or we may just be overstocked in that subject area at the time. You will need to take any unwanted books away with you. 

Once we have assessed the books that we are able to take, we will make you an offer. If you agree, then this can be paid immediately.