Frequently Asked Questions

Do you buy books?

Yes we do. Please email us with information about the books that you wish to sell and photos if possible. We can then arrange an appointment with the correct member of staff. 

**We are politely requesting that people do not bring books into the shop without an appointment due to Coronavirus.**

Can you order in books that aren't in stock?

Yes, we can order in most books. Just ask us in the shop or call or email with details of what you would like.

Can you take orders over the phone and post books out?

Yes, we'd be more than happy to take orders by phone or email and can post out for a small charge. 

Do you ship books internationally?

Yes we can. Please email or call us for details and prices.

Do you sell new books?

Yes, we have a small selection of popular new titles plus many brand new books at half publisher prices.

Will you stock independently published books?

We sometimes stock independently published books but this very much depends on the subject and style of the book. Please email us in the first instance. 

Have another question that isn't here?

Please email us at or call us on 01539621233