Distant Thunder,  Alejandro M. de Quesada

Distant Thunder, Alejandro M. de Quesada

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New Paperback

The twentieth century was a time of near total transformation of artillery. The U.S. Army was at the forefront of these developments.

American troops fighting the Spanish in Cuba during the Spanish-American War were equipped with the 1885-model field gun; nearly a century later American troops fielded an array of accurate, advanced and precise weapons systems during the Gulf War. This unique pictorial history examines the weapons - from field guns to MLRS and TACMs - and the equipment utilized by American troops along with the uniforms and insignia of U.S. artillerymen.

It looks at field artillery, coastal artillery, anti-aircraft and a diverse array of modern missile types and systems. This is a useful guide to a crucial part of America's twentieth-century armed forces and offers valuable insights into the evolving world of modern artillery.