Tom Kerridge: Lose Weight & Get Fit, Tom Kerridge

Tom Kerridge: Lose Weight & Get Fit, Tom Kerridge

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New Hardback

Having lost more than 12 stone in the last five years, Tom knows from experience how important it is to motivate yourself to start dieting and exercising and to stay on track. With light bites and veggie feasts, meal-prep to see you through the week and tasty sweet treats, Tom has got it covered. The focus is on bold flavours and big portions sizes, so you'll never go hungry and you'll always feel satisfied.

Recipes include . . .

Quick black dhal

Steak tacos with burnt corn salsa

Charred mackerel and potato salad

Lamb bhuna

Blueberry meringue sundaes

At the back of the book, you'll find a fantastic bonus chapter with a cardio workout and strength exercises that you can do from home with minimal equipment. It's all about taking control of your life in a positive way, so get ready to EAT better, DO more and LOSE WEIGHT with Tom Kerridge!